Safe Paces to Dine

See the list of safe places to dine.

Please thank them when you tell them where you found their name.

Encourage them to keep their place safe.

If you have some places to add, please leave a comment.

The more places listed, the more people can enjoy dining out.

Together, we can make a difference.

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6 Responses to Safe Paces to Dine

  1. Zellcorp says:

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  3. Amy B. says:

    The Amyloidosis Foundation estimates that approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with amyloidosis each year in North America and that blood cancers overall have increased more than 40% in the last decade.

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  6. Paris Kitto says:

    We’re rapidly coming to the place where the Feds will say to us, Got any money, send it up to us. They will know as they will have all our private information. George Orwells 1984 coming true.

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