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In the next few days, the actions of the Michigan Public Service Commission and Great Lakes Energy will be posted for your review.

They are using taxpayer and ratepayer dollars to subsidize CFLs without doing the same for LED bulbs which are not only more efficient, they also do not pollute the landfills with mercury. How many people are even aware of the proper procedure for disposal of CFLs to prevent the contamination of our landfills with toxic levels of mercury?

Meanwhile First Energy (Ohio) is attempting to implement a mandatory (CFL) compliance program for which the ratepayer will be billed regardless of whether they take the CFL bulbs.

(As a side note, Dr. Havas’ research shows that the mercury in one CFL will contaminate 190,000 litres of water beyond the level deemed safe for human consumption.)

If you know of similar mandatory or coercive programs please post a note on it.

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  1. TY for the helpful info! I would not have found this on my own!

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