Be Safe

There are places that are safe to eat and some that are not. We will be adding to this list as we receive more reports of compliant restaurants. These have been reported to be CFL free or, if they do have CFLs, will turn them off if you call ahead.

(Please post places you know of as you are helping all of those who have medical issues with CFLs.)

Bowling Green:
Ben’s Table, S. Main
Fricker’s, E. Wooster
Frisch’s Big Boy, Poe & N. Main
Pagliai’s Pizza, S. Main
Burger King, Newton & Main

McDonald’s, N. Main only
Sunnyside Café, E. Maumee
Pizza Hut, S. Main
Applebee’s, S. Main (just 2 in entry; call ahead)
Red Lobster, S. Main

Ann Arbor:
Applebee’s, Carpenter Rd. (just 2 in entry; call ahead)

Taco Bell

Daryl’s Downtown, 151 W. Michigan

Taco Bell

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